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American sign language book

American Sign Language for Families Book

The lessons in this ninety-seven page, spiral bound book correspond to the lessons in the 3 part video series.  Each lesson contains 5 parts: introduction, sign vocabulary, practice sessions, cultural information, & teaching suggestions and video demonstration.  Can be used with the video series or without.

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We are also making this sign language book available as a PDF electronic download for $15.00. (Not recommended for slower connection speeds)



Use the American Sign Language for Families Book with the video or independently.  It not only teaches Beginning to Intermediate level ASL, but the most unique feature is that it teaches 10 lessons on vocabulary and language development, even showing parents doing the actual techniques suggested.  Parents who need some help gettting started will appreciate the lessons on developing time concepts, understanding of verbs, family pictures books, etc.

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Each Lesson contains 5 parts:

Introduction: Includes grammar rules, syntax & structure information.

Sign Vocabulary: Approximately 30 signs for each lesson introduced individually.

Practice Sessions: Using the lesson’s vocabulary in sentence or conversational form.

Cultural Information: Information about the Deaf Community, ASL or Deafness

Teaching Suggestion and Video Demonstration:  Ways to use these signs to teach vocabulary and concepts to children and video demonstrations of families using them.


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